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TorontoPartyGuide respects the privacy of every individual who visits our website.
  • TorontoPartyGuide will not collect any personally-identifiable information about you (ie. your name, address, or email address) unless you provide it voluntarily.

  • TorontoPartyGuide will not give, trade, sell, or otherwise distribute the personal information you provide us with.

  • TorontoPartyGuide will often provide links to websites that our out of our control, but that we feel are appropriate for viewers. TorontoPartyGuide is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of the Web sites we may link to.

Why We Ask For Personal Information

When you do provide us with personal information voluntarily, we can use that information to deliver better content to you. The more we know about what our visitors like, the better we are able to create the kind of site you want.

Also, in order for TorontoPartyGuide to remain a free site, we are supported in part by advertising. The information visitors like you provide helps us communicate with advertiser's as to the type of people in general who visit this site, and ultimately to bring valuable, relevant advertising information to you. In the case of sponsors who provide free prizes for contests, they want to make sure our visitors really represent their audience. And to be really truthful, the more sponsorship dollars we can attract to TorontoPartyGuide, the more interesting things we can add to the site for your enjoyment. We strive for a relationship with our visitors and our business partners in which everyone benefits.

Getting the Info

TorontoPartyGuide has a handful of ways of gathering personal information about the visitors to our site which include surveys, message boards, mailling lists, contact forms and contests. We do not force you to provide us with your real name or postal address except when you win a contest (you do however have the option to not provide us with your address, where in that case you will not win the prize), Instead you can give us an alias or nickname. You need to keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily give personal information online, by using message boards or in chat areas, it can be collected and used by other people (We recommend you always use an alias or first name only in these places). If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from others in return. All we're saying is, there are weirdos out there who make a hobby of collecting information about unsuspecting surfers - so remember that whatever personal information you disclose to anyone online you do at your own risk!

Why We Ask For Your Email Address

We will use your email address to respond to a web site inquiry or to send you updates on our show.

Kids Under 13

A new US Law prevents websites from collecting information from users under the age of 13 without the consent of their parents or a guardian. TorontoPartyGuide has no intention of collecting any personal information (ie. name, address, telephone number, or email address) from visitors under thirteen years of age. When collecting any personal info we will ask for the users age and if that user is 13 or under we will need their parents consent.

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